Affordable Fishing Charters

Captain Michael Brazil
Oak Island, North Carolina

Want a great fight?  Hook up with a dogshark...or TWO on the same line, as Drew did!

Some of the best fishing is done in the winter months here off of Oak Island.  Here's Captain Michael and daughter Michelle, displaying part of a great catch by one of our recent camera-shy charters.

Cold & wind didn't stop this couple from Nebraska from fishing with their daughter, Jacci of Oak Island and her friend, Ilene, also of Oak Island.

The Spots have arrived!  Ross, Jr. & Ross, Sr., proudly display their great catch.  
Rosie, Carolina, Thomas & John enjoyed their day of family fishing under blue skies. Logan and his mom have just moved here from Florida.  This charter trip was his 12th birthday present.  The sharks, of course, weren't so happy to be invited to the party.
Claire & Paul of London, England, proudly display their first taste of fishing in the Carolinas!  October, 2007 El-Amin, with a 24 pound King Mackerel, caught October, 2007.

This 90 pound shark caught offshore aboard Affordable Fishing Charters September, 2007!

If you have chartered a trip from us and have photos you'd like to share, please get in touch with us!