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Captain Michael Brazil
Oak Island, North Carolina

Proud participants in the Oak Island Recreation Department
W.A.I.T. (Women Anglers in Training) Program since 2008!

"A weekend devoted to helping women learn to fish"

Nearly 50 million people in the US fish every year, and women account for only 33% of those numbers. Out numbering golf nearly 2 to 1, the sport of fishing contributes nearly $108 billion in the US economy.  Why don’t more women fish? Maybe because tackle shops, “..don’t cater to women”, “husband has no patience”, “..guys won’t take me fishing” etc. 

The Oak Island Parks and Recreation Department has developed the Women Anglers in Training Program, (WAIT), a two day fishing seminar, just for the ladies. Women of all ages were able to experience the excitement of learning fishing skills in a stress-free all women’s environment. Imagine not having your husband or boyfriend losing patience because you don’t know the difference between a leader and a lure!

Saturday is a day of hands-on classroom instruction at the Oak Island Recreation Department and Sunday is a fishing excursion to Yaupon Pier or out on private charters for practicing Saturday's lessons and some on-the-job experience. 

For more information about the WAIT program, please contact the Oak Island Recreation Department at (910) 278-5518, or visit their webpage at http://www.oakislandnc.com/recreation/.

After participating in an optional two hour class on rig tying by Captain Michael, six participants of the WAIT Program joined the Captain and First Mate Mariah for a charter designed to both teach and practice newly learned skills.  The weather cooperated nicely, with blue skies and relatively calm seas.  The ladies aboard our charter learned the difference between trolling and bottom fishing, how to set the trolling lines, operate the down riggers, outriggers and flat lines.  They also learned how to bait both cigar minnows and ballyhoo, and a safer way to use squid for bottom fishing while aboard a rocking boat.  While the fish didn't seem to want to cooperate at first, Captain Michael made the decision to pull in the trolling lines and head for one of his secret bottom fishing hot spots.  At that point, the game was on!  We were so proud of all our ladies, and look forward to hearing about their future fishing adventures.

In addition to a great day of fishing, the ladies aboard our charter assisted us in the Christening Ceremony of The Miss Mary



Immediately following the Christening Ceremony, Lady Anglers pose for a group shot.
Back Row: First Mate Mariah, Stacy, Chris, Terri, Fran
Front Row: Lois, Cathy




Cathy proudly displays her black sea bass

Friendly competition: Friends Chris & Stacy fish side by side

Lois is very happy with her "two on one" catch!

Fran displays a big smile while she waits

Fran happily displays her first catch of the day.

"What the heck is this??"  Stacy's got a black sea bass and an oyster cracker.

"Let's put him back" - Chris returns her fish to fight another day.

And Terri - patience of a saint - rewarded with two black bass on one line